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लाईन शाफ्टमध्ये हेलिकल गियर मोटर

लाईन शाफ्टमध्ये हेलिकल गियर मोटर
Structure:flange-mounted,foot-mounted(can oil),flange-mounted single stage gear,foot-mounted single stage gear,flange-mounted with leangthen bearing box

Small off-center output and compact structure.

Maximum utilization of housing space

Integral casting housing with good rigidity to enhance the shaft strength and service life of bearing.

Big or small flange type installation and output through solid shaft

Good available capability &reliability

Good temperature exchange capability &high strengthens

Carburized and grinded teeth

Input type:Couple-type motor,input through shaft and input through coupling flange.

Modular designed and composed with other drive units to satisfy all kinds of plan of transmission.



Input Power:0.12-160kw


Output Torque:up to 18000N.m


एक्सएनयूएमएक्स. अर्जः

R Series helical-worm reducer can modular compose with other reducers and variator,get a large reduce ratio drive and variation.Therefore it is an ideal select of power transmission in automatic production lines of all industries,especially it most suitable electronics,leather tanning,chemical,textile,carpetry and other industries.


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